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Reach Travel Agents Worldwide and Enhance Your Hotel's Presence

Travel Agent Media Preferred Placement
Capture the attention of travel agents at the point of sale and ensure your hotel superior visibility. Research shows that agents are up to 3.5 times more likely to select hotels that appear at or near the top of hotel displays. Hotel Spotlight from Sabre Travel Network and Amadeus Instant Preference ensure your hotel’s superior visibility on the GDS – one of the highest ADR channels available. With a limited number of participants per market, Travel Agent Media Preferred Placement offers a clear, visible advantage to hotels that are serious about increasing their revenue.

Travel Agent Targeted Advertising
Reach more potential customers with TravelClick’s powerful electronic advertising solutions – proven to be up to 25,000 times more effective than traditional media solutions. TravelClick’s Travel Agent Media Network targets travel agents at the point of sale, when crucial travel decisions are being researched and made, through the GDS (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan). Unlike traditional media (direct mail, print, broadcast), which places your message in front of the general public, TravelClick’s Travel Agent Media Network has a greater impact with each impression because the viewers are always focused on travel.

Amadeus Instant Marketing
Galileo Headlines
Sabre PromoSpots
Worldspan Accents

Amadeus Instant Marketing
Gain exposure on Amadeus – one of the world’s largest GDS with more than 220,000 travel agent terminals in over 215 markets worldwide. With the Amadeus Instant Marketing (AIM) advertising tools, your hotel has four distinct and powerful ways to target the travel agent with cost-effective messages presented to them while they are researching and shopping in the Amadeus GDS.

  • Display Messages: Destination-specific, point-of-sale advertising messages
  • Weather Messages: City-specific advertising on travel agent weather display screens
  • Broadcast Messages: Your advertising messages are displayed in the travel agents' urgent queue, where they receive vital info in order to perform their day-to-day jobs
  • Sign-In Messages: Your hotel’s message displays every time a travel agents signs on to the Amadeus GDS and chooses a new work area

Galileo Headlines
Deliver your hotel’s advertising messages to travel agents at the critical moment when travel decisions are being made. With Galileo Headlines, your highly targeted promotional messages influence travel agents as they search for availability of flights, hotel accommodations and car rentals on the Galileo GDS.

Your messages can be targeted to specific location searches and delivered during exact dates and time periods. The travel agent can also click on your message to read details about your hotel or your promotion.

Sabre and Abacus/Infini PromoSpots
Utilize PromoSpots on Sabre, to effectively communicate your hotel's promotional messages for air, air sell response, hotel and car rental availability screens while the travel agent is researching and booking travel in Sabre, Abacus and Infini - the undisputed GDS market share leader in hotel booking volume. With PromoSpots, your hotel can make an impact and influence travel decisions at the point of sale by using sophisticated targeting criteria to convert shoppers into buyers.

Now, graphical PromoSpots(SM) available through MySabre™ combines the power of GDS search marketing and the compelling merchandising of the Internet with graphical ad badges on travel agent search screens. Click here to learn more.

Worldspan Accents
Showcase your hotel with Worldspan Accents – tailored messages to travel agents searching on the air, hotel or car rental availability screens in the Worldspan GDS. Worldspan Accents allow you to distribute valuable, time-sensitive promotions to more than 78,000 Wordspan terminals worldwide. TravelClick's Travel Agent Media programs enhance your sales and increase your revenue opportunities.

We invite you to contact your representative for more information.